The "A-Compact" models are the right technological solution for the widest range of polyurethane processing applications, being widespread used to produce an extensive range of polyurethane foams:

  • low-density rigid polyurethanes
  • flexible foam cushioning for automotive and furniture industries
  • imitation wood
  • integral skins.

The compact and rational design means that all machine modules - tanks, metering and electric panel - are positioned on a single frame, while the open structure allows excellent accessibility to all the parts for easy maintenance and cleaning.
For the same reasons, the “A-Compact” model are easily transported, requires less room for installation but above all necessitates no accessory wiring: in other words it can be considered a “Plug & Play” unit, immediately ready for production start-up!
Also for this model, a dedicated series of units have been specifically configurated to process hydrocarbons-blown based formulations.