The Cannon high-pressure metering unit E-System brings a new dimension to the field of Epoxy resin processing. The benefits of high-pressure mixing technology have been appreciated for many years. Highly accurate metering pumps give consistent outputs and mixing pressures to produce high quality mouldings. The progress occurred both in the mechanical and electronic fields during the last years, ensures that the
E-System metering unit improves the efficiency and bring the main processing parameters under closer control.
The E-System machine is suitable for processing very high quantity of hardener and a smaller quantity of release agent in high pressure. As a matter of facts, precise metering of the low output is by means of a hydraulic plunger, driven by a dedicated hydraulic unit.
In particular, the release agent
hydraulic cylinder is positioned as close as possible to the mixing head. The flow transducer installed between the dosing plunger and the mixing head allows the best metering by a closed loop system. Also base and hardener are metered in a closed loop system.
Many advantages of the metering unit deserve to be highlighted:
  • Capacitive continuous level (for base and hardener materials) with four setting points: min/max alarm, start/stop filling. Accurate level controls are able to maintain a constant quantity of material in the tanks.
  • Rust-proof treatment of the pumps
  • Stainless steel components for the hardener material
  • Electrical cables and wires are fitted inside the machine frame, protecting them from dirt, allowing easy maintenance and giving a pleasant and tidy look to the machine.
  • High-performances mixing heads, specifically developed for Epoxy resin; hardening treatment of the mixing head parts is done not only on the surface but also in the core.
  • Each component can be calibrated directly at the mixing head, so calibration conditions and working conditions are the same.
  • A special program “weekend cycle” is highly customizable, for controlling the sequences of the metering unit in order to avoid the components stagnation when the machine is not in working cycle for long periods.
Precision is one of the main requirements for low output machines. Therefore the machine is provided with high-precision dosing pumps driven by closed loop motor (frequency inverter controlled).
Another important feature is the continuous recirculation of the chemicals near the mixing head. All these items together allow the  system to correctly maintain the set temperature within a close tolerance range.
The thermostatisation of the chemicals is a key point of the complete process. Cannon experience in managing these chemicals leads to use jacketed tanks, supplying temperature controlled oil by a thermoregulator (for resin and hardener). To maintain the required temperature heated pipes are used: coaxial pipes with internal chamber for the heated oil and traced flexible hoses, for the resin line.