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“LOW-Pressure Dosing Machines 

Progress is driven by the ever growing market demand for metering machines requiring simplicity of management, high technical and quality standards, efficiency and reliability, with the need to keep investment costs low to produce more and implement highly-automated processes.
Cannon low-pressure machines are the actual response to these needs. They can solve the production problems of the small and medium-size business, being very well conceived and at the same time having advanced technical and technological content.
Their use has certainly been shrunk by the advent of more modern techniques and equipment, however the specific nature of some applications (low outputs, small production volumes) requires features, that only the low-pressure foaming process can offer.
For those reasons and also thanks to the development of alternative and more ecological washing systems based on chloride-free solvents, the low pressure technology it is still nowadays the most suitable, competitive and some times, the only possible solution.
Cannon basically offer a complete range of machines, which can be used in a wide range of different foaming processes: 

  • general purpose low pressure units
  • micro shots and low output units
  • high output units

specialties - specific application niches do not only require to meter and mix polyurethane formulations, to meet these particular needs Cannon engineered dedicated mixing heads, dosing equipment and processes able to pour other type of mixture with different physical properties such as silicone, elastomers and epoxy resins.