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AX Multi-component head

Seats are among the most important and critical components in a vehicle, being the largest physical interface between the passengers and the car. They require a perfect combination of performance and styling. In fact, their finish and comfort define the car quality; long-term performance and durability determine customer satisfaction.

With the main targets being to reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality and properties of the foamed products under a range of climatic conditions, carmakers are defining highly sophisticated seating specifications to increase production flexibility and enhance environmental compatibility.

Cannon AX Multi-Component High-Pressure Mixing Head

The AX mixing head is designed to handle up to 5 streams simultaneously and in different combinations: four components can be injected radially into the mixing chamber and re-circulated at high-pressure along the four grooves carved into the mixing chamber cleaning piston prior to foaming. 

Low-output compatible components (TDI, water, silicones, catalysts, etc.) can be injected axiallythrough the hole bored into the length of the mixing chamber's closing piston. It is worth noting how the axially injected compatible components also re-circulate directly into the head, ensuring excellent output, pressure stability during the injection phase and a superior mixing efficiency.

In particular, it is important to consider how TDI, MDI or blends of both Isocyanates can be injected through the axial stream at pressures as low as 20 bar, with highly satisfactory mixing results and great simplification of the ISO-feeding circuit.