Recycling and pouring phase

FP2L Head

Four components high pressure mixing head designed to handle alternatively two different formulations. This double mixhead is designed in a way that two mixing chambers (facing each other) are sharing one common pouring chamber.

The growing demand for plants capable of producing parts containing more than one formulation (i.e. Multi Hardness technology for cushions) has been met by the Cannon FP2L range of heads. These mixing heads are again characterised by the L-shaped mixing chamber but have two independent mixing chambers ending in a single pour outlet.

The two chambers are fed by two 2-component dispensing units (it is also possible to use two different Isocyanates and two different Polyols) or by a 3-component machine (two different Polyols and one Isocyanate, with changeover of the two mixing chambers effected by an automatic valve system). This allows for the use of two different formulations to be used in the same or in different moulds, in rapid sequence and without delays. For perfect mixing of formulations which have highly varied viscosities and outputs, the head is supplied fitted with a mechanical device which limits the stroke of the central self cleaning piston.

Another benefit of the Cannon FP2L mixing head lies in the fact that high-output capacity can be concentrated in such a small space and with a limited weight. This is an extremely important factor because it allows for the use of smaller robots or less expensive manipulators and exploit their max. acceleration.