Pouring Phase

Recycling Phase



Two components, L shaped high pressure mixing head. This head represents the most versatile and compact solution actually available on the market to hable different PU systems.

Developed by Cannon and patented in 1979, the FPL* head has since then significantly improved the way moulded Polyurethanes are produced.

The innovation introduced with this "L-shaped" head is that its laminar flow output allows for a splash-free pouring in open moulds, opening the way to a series of new applications and improving the working conditions of the existing ones.

Cannon have developed many different types of FPL high-pressure heads, which are specific to particular applications and required performance and have achieved an excellent standard of quality.

Optimum mixing is achieved by the turbulence created by the high velocity impingement of the two components on leaving the jets. Passing from the first to the second chamber the turbulent flow completes the component mixing. The flow, leaving the head, becomes laminar and splash-free.

The reduced size of the Cannon FPL mixing heads and the laminar qualities of the outgoing mix flow make the FPL the perfect instrument for open mould pouring. Furthermore, for automated pour operations, it is possible to specify smaller sized (i.e. cheaper) robots or manipulators while obtaining improved speed and precision performances. Cannon FPL Standard "L-shaped" high-pressure mixing heads are available in the following model range: